5 lbs JEWELRY LOT for parts , jewelry making some broken some not

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Some good, some broken, some missing a stone or a clasp, always a surprise! A real treasure hunt for jewelry component parts!

Why do we call it junk? Because these may be some department store shelf pulls mixed with returns. Some good, some bad fashion jewelry pieces but always a treasure hunt! With a little work this is a profit treasure trove for jewelry makers!! ...... Each lot will weigh 5 lbs  

Please Note: This jewelry lot is made up of store returns, damaged items, broken items,  etc.

There are  also brand names mixed in,  Such as Erica Lyons, Sonoma, Vetta, Charming Charlie, Ect. 
There are earrings, necklaces, bracelets, some rhinestone, some in sterling silver and gold overlay.
OVERALL BEAUTIFUL LOT! 5lbs in total Great deal and a great deal for Jewelry makers and crafters! All nice and clean jewelry pcs Limited supply


(No reviews yet) Write a Review